A Swimming Pool Increases The Value Of A Adelaide Property Valuation

Owning a swimming pool on your land can add value to the property when selling it. However, differences exist in France depending on the region. The price increases by 12.7% in a seaside resort against 16%, on average, in France. The type of Adelaide Property Valuation also plays a role…

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to enjoy a swimming pool on their property or in their garden? According to the Federation of Pool and Spa Professionals (FPPS), in 2021, more than 3 million French people had an inground pool. And in addition to providing freshness and entertainment, the swimming pool increases the value of real estate.

The online estimator Meilleurs Agents has evaluated the impact of the construction of an in-ground swimming pool on the selling price of a Adelaide Property Valuation. The presence of a swimming pool thus increases the value of a house by 16% on average in France. Indeed, a house of 95 m² at the average price of €2,436/m² could see its value increase by €41,887 on average with a swimming pool.

However, this additional value fluctuates depending on the sector. For example, if your house is in a seaside resort, the average price will benefit from a 12.7% increase, lower than the national average. This is explained by the proximity of the sea which makes swimming pools less exceptional, and by the greater presence of properties with swimming pools (5.2%) in these seaside areas than elsewhere (2.3%).

In addition, the climate also plays an important role. The pool effect is strongest in the sunniest departments, where the value increases by 17.5%. Note that a residential swimming pool brings less value if it is shared with neighbors. It still increases the price by 8.4%.

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