What are the Best Blue Mountains Places to Visit?

One of the most amazing and adventurous things that anyone can do in all of Australia is to explore the Blue Mountains. For those who have had this experience before, it is truly a most memorable one, and there is nothing else that can beat it.
For those who are yet to have the same experience but are planning towards this, this article is going to make recommendations concerning some of the best places in the Blue Mountains that you can visit. Known for the enchanting bluish hue from its trees, the Blue Mountains are more than stunning. The subsequent sections of the article are going to be the most interesting. The following are the major tourist attractions at the Blue Mountains, one of Australia’s most iconic places:
– The Three Sisters: Situated near Katoomba, this has been voted as the foremost place to visit in the Blue Mountains. Standing at almost a kilometre above the strikingly beautiful Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters are rocky pillars that capture the attention of everyone. If you are lucky to be in the area at sunset, you will be able to take some of the most majestic photos of your life.

– Govetts Leap Lookout: Located over the imposing Grose Valley, the Govetts Leap Lookout is the place to be if you want to have the most satisfactory view of all of Blue Mountains. It is a bit quieter than other areas, so it is best if you really want to soak in the magnificent views. From this lookout, you can take a full bird’s eye view of the thick forest of eucalyptus trees that gave the name to the iconic mountains. For those who are very adventurous and feel like pumping more adrenalin through your system, you can go down the valley and tour the region with your fellow hikers.

– Scenic World: At this location, you can be sure of having more than the regular dose of fun.it has a railway that is considered one of the steepest of its type on the planet. You can also walk across the Scenic Walkway and gaze beyond the forests.

– Katoomba: Of course, your visit cannot be complete without visiting Katoomba itself. Not far from Sydney and located right at the earth of the Blue Mountains, it is a town that has all you want as a tourist or visitor.

– Wentworth Falls: This is no doubt one of the most captivating waterfalls in all of the Blue Mountains area. The waterfalls from almost 300 meters and rushes through a creek that leads to another beautiful valley. It is no surprise at all that many visitors prefer the Wentworth Falls for all their photoshoots, picnics and the hikes.