Priceless possessions at Waldorf

The need for leisure and other forms of entertainment are a few of the things that give man happiness. It is something natural or innate for humans that nobody could ever stop or control them from doing what they like and how they would do it. Since our very own planet offers a lot of magnificent and astounding gifts of Mother Nature, we nurture everything around us and experience the beauty that goes with it.

Very concrete evidence of this claim can be found right at the heart of Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort in New South Wales, Australia. Looking at it on the outside may seem just an ordinary place to relax and enjoy but wait until you get inside and explore the facilities, amenities and especially the sceneries that it has to offer. You will bear witness to the priceless possessions that this business has to offer. What are you waiting for? Let’s see what’s inside!

  1. A trek on the trail leading towards the distant Jenolan Caves – This nature’s treasure from nature is located southwest of the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort. For centuries, this secluded cave has been the home of different species of animals and organisms. Apart from the stalactites and stalagmites that added exotic beauty underground, an endless maze of tunnels are buried along with the rushing of freezing water in different directions. One amazing attraction appears when different species of bats go in and out together in flocks as they search for food in the morning and call it a night after a long day’s journey.
  2. A visit to the Norman Lindsay Gallery Museum – On the farther northeast of the renowned resort is a memorial museum as its name suggests. Here you can see replicas or images of significant events in the history of New South Wales.
  3. A hike towards the Blue Mountains National Park – Another interesting feature that this resort offers its guests is the magnificent view of the blue mountains. It’s named this way because when you look at it at a great distance, you could see the horizons dominantly touching the skies and complimenting with its surrounding natural sceneries.
  4. Test your fear of heights on board the Govetts Leap Lookout – Some people may feel dizzy or nauseated when viewing objects at greater heights. But for the not-so- fainthearted, standing on the viewing deck of this attraction is a once in a lifetime experience of thrill and unique adventure. The next time you decide to give it a try, conquer your fear and ask for more time while looking at the nearby views above and below the cliffs.
  5. Appreciate culture and tradition while you peek at Waradah Aboriginal Centre – New South Wales’ heritage is very rich when remembering its early settlers prior to modern civilization. The Waradahs are primarily are one of the early settlers of primitive Australia which gave birth to the many rich histories of primitive living and tradition which still can be remembered today.