The summer is approaching fast and you need to plan a holiday for your family that everyone can enjoy? Planning a vacation for the whole clan can be a tough one, there are numerous things to consider – family accommodation ballarat, easy access, pedestrian friendly city etc. It can be a tough ask to please everyone but that’s what we are here for. Here are 5 destinations you should definitely try out this summer which are perfect for family bonding trips and making unforgettable memories;

1. Istanbul, Turkey

One of the most beautiful and breath-taking cities in the world, the capital of the Ottoman empire is situated between two continents – Europe and Asia. It’s one of the most architecturally and culturally rich cities in the world. Bond with your family over lunch at the top of the Galata tower overlooking the city or soak in the magnificence of Hagia Sophia – cathedral turned into mosque into museum, or cruise through the Bosphorous river during sunset!

2. Santorini, Greece

A Cyclade island located in the Aegan Sea, Santorini’s reputation precedes itself. One of the most picturesque cities in Europe and perfect for the instagrammer within you, Santorini overlooks the sea with its main towns Fira and Oia, with whitewashed cube-like houses perfect for either a romantic getaway or a fun bonding trip with your fam!

3. Paris, France

Does one even need a reason to go to the city of love and lights? Paris has its own charms with its architecture and history, a wide variety of cuisines and scenic views! Your family will love sharing precious memories at the top of the Eiffel tower or walking through a sea of diverse people at Champs-Élysée or maybe enjoying a meal at a bistro-style dinner cruise of River Siene, soaking in all the class and culture.

4. Aloag, Ecuador

Home to the Amazon rainforest, this destination rests peacefully in the embrace of nature. It is a perfect destination to detach from the daily hustle and bustle and reconnect with Mother Nature itself. It’s a great place to take your kids as well where they can get their hands dirty and engage with activities like zip-lining through the amazon, vegetable gardening and animal farming.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an essential stop if you’re one with a love of beaches. The city has a lot to offer other than sandy white beaches and lush green forests. The island is home to some historic, cultural and religious sites as well as luxurious resorts and retreats, making it a complete package for the keen learner as well as the adventure seeker within you. The scenic views you will encounter in Bali are some that are going to stay with you forever, making it one of the most memorable vacations of your life.